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Notemytips is a platform where we help you to transform your lives by simple, easy and mostly natural tips. It is a collaboration of two budding influencers who have taken upon the challenge to ensure that individuals get the best guidance and tips to comprehend everyday issues with respect to health and beauty.


  • Hi, I am Parul Jain founder and creative mind behind Note My Tips Dot Com. I am a Delhi based freelance writer, blogger, and a DIY enthusiast.
  • I was always intrigued by the fact that how in earlier times everything from beauty to health problems was solved by natural remedies. If you happen to be nostalgic with your grandmother’s tips and tricks and various life hacks, then my blogs will give you a good experience to relive that.
  • Let’s take the most common instance when our Nanis or Dadis used to force us for that good old hair champi. Our quality of hair used to be way better as of now.
  • In today’s time if you are looking for trips and tricks to get that quality of hair back you have landed up at the best place. From lifestyle to beauty, to epic solutions to hair and skin issues, my blog is a gem when it comes to women who wish beauty with health and not beauty over health. I write about common day to day health and beauty related problems giving their natural and easy remedies.


  • I also review new products available in the market to keep a hawk’s eye to every new trend and ensure that it reaches the notice of everybody. The main goal is to already have information about everything so you make the most out of your buy.


  • I’m Divya, a twenty-four-year-old post-graduate from New Delhi an individual who never thought of going into blogging.

  • However, back in school, I used to have something somewhere inside for excellence and style. And after that I needed to attempt each new item in the market, however, for the most part, I have something for DIYS I used to try distinctive normal home solutions for hair, skin styling and that was my all-time favorite activity.

  • From that point forward I began blogging as my career and begun composing what I used to try for my problems. I will share my favorite DIYS, Hacks, and benefits related to health and beauty problems.