Well, everyone loves to smell incredible. Let’s admit it; we all are obsessed with smelling great all the time. Smelling fresh really does have the power to boost our confidence to take on the day.

And while perfumes might not be the ‘love potions’ as advertised by many perfume companies (pun intended), we have to agree that there is something charming about a good scent. A good perfume becomes an instant mood lifter, an intense memory maker and a strong impression maker. So there is no doubt, why people want their perfumes to last long.

Personally, I love it when I can smell the whiff of the perfume that I applied in the morning after shower all day long. This happens because I mostly prefer Parfum or Eau de Parfum over Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette. Do these terms sound alien to you? Read my blog on Hacks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer and get detailed information on types of perfume.

Before sharing the list of the best affordable perfume for women, I would like to clear a few things about perfumes.

What ingredient makes a perfume last longer?

The ingredients used to make the perfumes last are called FIXATIVES. These Fixatives can be natural or synthetic that holds a scent together and keeping it from fleeing once the liquid has evaporated from skin.

Perfumes are divided into BASE, MIDDLE and TOP notes with each ‘note’ consisting of two to five ingredients. Usually, the earthier, deep scents of the base notes act as fixatives. The base note has a slow evaporation process which helps it lingering on the skin longer than the middle and top notes and also preserves the entire perfume blend.

 Fixatives are divided into three major categories:


  • These are composed of ingredients such as Frankincense, Benzoic, Myrrh, and Peru balsam.
  • These ingredients slow down scent loss through their molecular structure which in addition slows the evaporation rate of other ingredients.


  • These are composed of Vetiver and Oak Moss.
  • These ingredients evaporate slowly but do not affect the evaporation process of other ingredients. They tend to make their presence for long even after the middle and top notes have faded.


  • These essences are uncommon in today’s perfumeries.
  • In earlier times ambergris, musk, and castoreum ruled the perfume industry as pheromone-rich ingredients that lighten and diffuse effect on the perfume blend.
  • Many perfumers use oil from the civet (animal from mongoose family). No animals are harmed during the extraction process.

Note: Different scents have different staying power and life span. Citruses have light molecule composition and fade away the fastest, while floral and spices will take longer to fade away. Scents like vanilla, musk, and wood stay around longest and are commonly used as base notes.

Does Solid Perfume Stay Longer Than Liquid Perfume?

Perfume oils and solid perfumes are more concentrated than alcohol-based liquid perfumes. They don’t evaporate and fade away easily. When we spray a liquid perfume, it diffuses the fragrance into the air and covers a larger area of the body whereas a solid or oil-based perfume is rubbed onto the skin so it stays close to the skin and is more long-lasting. Solid perfumes evaporate slowly and interact with body temperature and chemistry to evolve throughout the day. One can have control over the exact placement and amount of application by choosing either of these.

Great perfume designers suggest layering a solid perfume with the liquid perfume to make a perfume long-lasting all day long. After dabbing an oil or balm on your pulse points, spray on an eau de cologne in the same scent. One can even keep portable roll-on perfumes to touch upon the go.

Why Does an Expensive Perfume Last Longer?

A lot of time, research and effort go into curating a luxurious fragrance. These perfumes contain natural ingredients which smell complex, unusual and richer. The natural ingredients and the quality of ingredients also affect the lifespan of a perfume. These perfumes last longer because of the high concentration of scented oils in them which makes them smell in a certain way they should. All these factors affect the longevity of a perfume. Therefore, perfumes are regarded as an investment piece.

Disclaimer: Despite the cost of your perfume, if not stored correctly they won’t ever last. To get the best performance from your fragrance, one should keep it away from extreme temperature changes. Store your investments away from heat, light, and air.

Should One Store Perfumes in Refrigerators?

As mentioned above, extreme temperature changes affect the longevity of the perfume. Just as extreme temperatures and direct sunlight destroy the formulation of perfume before is expiry time likewise, drop in temperature also affects the longevity of a perfume. If a perfume is stored below 5`C, its composition will break which will result in fading away of top notes.

So one should always store their perfumes in cool, dry and dark places.

10 Paisa Vasool Long Lasting Perfumes AND They Smell *Incredible*!

Revlon Charlie Red: This perfume is perfect for a regular day at work or for college going girls. The perfume has a very unique flowery yet musky scent. It is a great choice as it an unusual yet fresh combo. Click the link below to buy.

Revlon Charlie Red Perfume for Women, 100ml


Nike Up or Down for Women: This perfume is best for girls who like a strong yet classy scent. This long-lasting perfume will leave you fresh all day long. Click the link below to buy.

Nike Up or Down Woman Combo Of Deodorant + EDT- Pack Of 2

Jovan Musk Eau de Cologne for Women: This perfume has jasmine, neroli and bergamot blend with the earthy seductive musk. This sensual and sultry fragrance will make your evening with loved one memorable. The sweet notes that this perfume is composed of will make you smell like a dream. Click the link below to buy.

Jovan White Musk Eau de Cologne for Women, 96ml


Engage Femme Eau De Parfum For Women: This perfume has a fresh and irresistible fragrance that’ll keep you energized all day long. It consists of refreshing, feminine fragrance with berries and vanilla as base notes. It is packed with sensual notes that will grab you all the right kind of attention you want. Click the link below to buy.

Engage Yang Eau de Parfum For Women, 90ml

Benetton Hot EDT for Women: It is woody, fresh and oriental, which makes it a yummy smell. It is also super long-lasting. It will definitely worth all your money. Click the link below to buy.

Benetton Hot Eau De Toilette, 100ml

 ZARA RED VANILLA EDT: The scent reveals the notes of blackcurrant, iris, and vanilla. It is a warm, elegant and long-lasting fragrance.

ZARA FRUITY EDT: This scent reveals the notes of tangerine, currant, and lily of the valley. It is a luminous, captivating and comfortable fragrance.

 Zara Joyful Tuberose Eau De Toilette:  The top notes of this perfume are black currant, grapefruit, lemon, and orange; middle notes are apple, cedar, and gardenia; base notes are musk, sandalwood, coumarin and vanilla. This is the hot-seller perfume which is the cult favorite of many fashion influencers.

Avon Scent Essence Romantic Bouquet Eau De Toilette: This gorgeous perfume has both floral and fruity scents. It contains notes from flowers like a violet blossom, peony petals, and vetiver which will help you bring out your romantic side. Click the link below to buy.

Avon Scent Essence Romantic Bouquet Eau De Toilette Spray, 30ml

Beverly Hills Polo Club 2 Women Eau De Parfum: This is a sparkling floral fragrance that evokes your senses. Just a single whiff of this perfume gives an intense and long-lasting fragrance which rejuvenates and keeps you fresh all day long. Modernized with floral notes of Neroli and Muguet, and refreshed with lavender, it is a sensual fragrance that exudes freshness and awakens your senses . Click the link below to buy.

Beverly Hills Polo Club 2 Sport Eau de Parfum for Women, 50ml